WHY DID YOU CHOSE TO BECOME A PLUMBER? The diversity and challenge of the job. There are many areas that we can specialise in. The trade has taught me many skills. No two jobs are the same. Always meeting new people, and we get to work in the great outdoors (not so good of course in winter!)

WHAT MAKES A GREAT PLUMBER? Being passionate about what you do. Having great skills and pride in workmanship. Having a strong stomach helps at times too!

WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS OUTSIDE OF PLUMBING? Spending time with my partner and our daughter, and my golf of course (not necessarily in that order!)


Max is one of PlumbLocal’s hardworking, reliable and punctual plumbers.


With an eye for detail, and pride in his work second to none, Tim's attitude and workmanship reflect PlumbLocal’ s morals in the trade and community. He treasures his moments resolving customer's issues, knowing he has made a difference. He enjoys his coffee white with no sugar, as he believes he is sweet enough as it is!